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Maya Kaimal Coconut Korma 354g

Maya Kaimal Coconut Korma 354g


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Maya's Coconut Korma recipe captures the mild creaminess of well-loved North Indian kormas. We use layer in a rich blend of coconut cream and tomatoes with warming spices like paprika, turmeric and cardamom. This comforting curry is very versatile and pairs well simmered with any protein and or veggie. Non-GMO Project Verified, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian SERVING SUGGESTION: ¥Simmer with meat or vegetables
¥Use in a slow cooker
¥Add to soups and stews
¥Spread on a pizza
¥Spoon over noodles
¥Marinate meats in it
¥Spice up tacos or quesadillas
¥Turn leftovers into instant curries Serves: 3 Heat Level: Mild Net Weight: 12.5 oz

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