Today’s News: 26th October 2020

Today’s News: 26th October 2020

There’s a feeling of excitement in the air as life beings to return to normal after a year of the unexpected. We’re excited as we start to see all our cafes and restaurants begin to order a more normal order as their tables are once again being filled. By no means are the effects of this year gone but we certainly like to celebrate all the little wins we see.

We are on the cusp of Stone Fruit Season, and there’s nothing that gets us as excited as a juicy peach after the long winter without all the yummy variety that we get in summer. We will keep you posted as we see supply begin to roll into the markets.

Right now local asparagus and mangoes are great eating and provide great variety for salads ect. We have also just begun local Victorian strawberry season which means flavoursome fruit! We have a particular grower who’s product is truly the best. Grapes are still from the US so hence price is high. December/January will be when local season begins and price becomes a lot more affordable. Passionfruit is very short supply at the moment so not a product we recommend using if your on a tight budget.

On our farm we are harvesting Iceberg Lettuce grown right here in Maiden Gully. Planting and harvesting an average of 9000 plants per week. The “La Nina” wet summer that’s predicted should mean great quality product as plants will be kept moist throughout the warm days. We are currently planted up in barley which will be then turned back into the soil to revitalise the ground before the next season begins.

As we farewell winter we see citrus tighten in supply, hence price also lifts. Mandarins don’t have long until we say goodbye till next season.

Hope you find this helpful when selecting produce for your menu or family meals.

Cheers, Pete