Growers & Producers

Bendigo Fresh Wholesalers is owned by a young family, Pete & Rochelle Andrew who have business and fresh produce in their blood. In 2020 Rochelle's sister Annie Phillips followed in their footsteps and became a co owner.

Our Phillips family farm, Bendigo Fresh Farms, began in 1955 on 10 acres in Kangaroo Flat where a bumper crop of tomatoes propelled our success toward becoming passionate producers....

Austin Phillips began farming tomatoes with the help of his neighbour and soon employed many locals to keep up to the demand.

In 1975 he purchased the current property in Maiden Gully, a 40-acre Apple Orchard. After restoring the soil and watering systems with much trial and error, the farm produced a number of products. Carrots, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Cauliflower, Onions and Parsnips were all trialled.

When we first planted lettuce, 4 cents was the going rate per lettuce. Austin sold his entire crop for $80. With that money he soon realised he would need to plant a crop per week to make a go of it.

A family story that is fondly recalled is the making of the Cauliflower/Cabbage planter. After seeing a machine at the Elmore field days for a few hundred dollars, Austin thought he could make something similar himself. Made from scrap steel for a mere $2, this planter was revolutionary for our development. Still in full working order it will go down in our history as the most cost effective machine.

In 1984 Gavin Phillips, the youngest son of Austin took over the operations. New tractors, trucks and forklift were all necessary and helped to mechanise our farm. The years of drought were tough but he adapted to the conditions finding new varieties that would thrive in the Bendigo extremes. Salad Onions were an addition to the current major products, these not only took up less footprint but were not commonly grown. Thus leaving an opportunity to create a market.

Growing, harvesting and selling 140,000 cauliflower and cabbage throughout winter, 250,000 lettuce, 130,000 onions in summer keeps us all head down and bum up! (A common saying in the paddock.)

2015/16 brought the 3rd generation Ricky & Rochelle back home. Ricky is working alongside his father Gavin, learning from his years of experience. Meanwhile, daughter Rochelle has brought Bendigo Fresh Wholesalers and Bendigo Fresh Farms together.

Working hand in hand we grow, transport and supply for each other.

Collins Honey was forged from humble beginnings in 1955 by a very young Norm Collins and his father Norman. At the age of 10, Norm and his dad lived in the Yarra Valley in Gladesdale Victoria. ...

His first 2 hives were purchased from "Old Spicer" a local man that didn't want them anymore as there wasn't a lot of honey in the area. These first hives we pretty simple, and by that we mean they were boxes covered in hessian, a piece of tin and a brick for which Norm paid just 10 shillings.

Watching the bees was one of young Norm's favourite pastimes. He was fascinated by the way they methodically collected and carried pollen, zooming in and out of the hives. It didn't take long before his obsession with bees became more than just a hobby.

Norm persevered with his newfound passion, purchasing another 6 hives from Dargo in Gippsland Victoria and slowly building up his hives over the next five years until he had over fifty.

By the time Norm turned 18, he had established a flourishing farm of 300 hives in the Yarra Valley and his love, dedication and fascination of bees had turned into a successful family business - not bad for a self-taught beekeeper!

Fast forward sixty years...

Collins Honey is now three generations strong with Norm's youngest son Richard taking up the Collins Honey family business. Being a chef by trade, Richard is always looking for new and innovative ideas to showcase honey.

Richard and his partner Sharnelle pack, label and distribute all their own honey, everything is done in-house including attending regional farmers markets and getting to know their customers!

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best meat and products you'll find anywhere in Melbourne. We do things properly, and we're not interested in cutting corners. ...

That's what we mean when we say 'butchers of distinction'.

We get asked about pronunciation a lot, so for our curious customers: 'Bouchier' rhymes with 'voucher'. But Peter and Sue are happy to answer to your best guess.

Everything we do is aimed at giving our customers the highest quality products and the best shopping experience. From sourcing our meat to recommending how to cook it, we want to give you the best.

Artisan baking, using traditional methods with simple, natural ingredients. In 2000, after baking sourdough bread at home for 5 years, Melbourne lawyers John and Brownynne...

Calvert decided to down suits, move to the country, and start a bakery. They chose Irrewarra in Victoria’s Western District where the Calvert family had farmed since 1842. Today Irrewarra sourdough bread is recognised as one of the best breads in Australia, unique, authentic and still handmade from the original homemade culture that the Calverts created in 1995.

After working in the industry since he was 15 Danny felt the pull to create his own vision for farming Free Range Eggs and for over 10 years, he and his family have been supplying markets... and local outlets in and around Bendigo. Whilst the business has grown during that time, stocking density has remained less than 400 birds per hectare, cresting an old-style product with quality and freshness guaranteed.

50 years growing fruit now brings the 4th generation of Cricelli’s onto the Kyabram farm. They uniquely grow, pack, store & deliver all their own fruit from their 100 acre permanently planted orchard....

They grow pink lady, royal gala, red delicious & granny smith apples as well as packham, william and bosc pears. Trees on their property range from 15 to 60 years old and they choose original methods of harvest by hand picking all apples on their farm, this ensures only the best is picked. They also grow free standing vase shape trees which take longer to produce a full harvest but yield more fruit once fully developed. Pear trees take 20 years to reach full production and apple trees between 5-7 years, so it takes quite a bit of patience to see the fruit of their labor!

Vince’s hot tip for keeping your apples crispy is to store them in the refrigerator and pears are best left at room temperature to soften/ripen. He recommends pink lady as the best eating apple year round as they store the best.

Interestingly Vince was telling us that in order to get the pink colour on an original variety “crisp” pink lady they must be exposed to the sun light. To encourage the full colour on the apple silver paper is laid underneath the trees to help reflect more light onto the apple, hence we get pink lady apples that are pink all the way round!

Harcourt Fresh Apple and Pear Juices are all made in the Central Victorian town of Harcourt, where Australia’s best tasting Apples and Pears are grown. Well-draining granite soils ... have ensured this for over 150 years now, making it the perfect location to make our Fresh Juices, Sparkling Apple Juice, Vinegars and of course our delicious range of Ciders and Spirits. All our products are made from 100% REAL Australian Fruit, with no concentrates or added sugar.

All Harcourt Apples products are pressed with minimal intervention to ensure the best possible quality. A family owned business since 1991 our philosophy has been simple,” to make the best quality Juice start with the best quality Fruit”. We are extremely proud of all our products and hope that you will share our vision and enjoy our fantastic range of Juices and Wholesome Apple and Pear Cider Vinegars.

I needed a fresh, quick, great tasting wholesome food that my family would love— and that’s how it started. Being a full time stay-at-home Dad, with a passion for great-tasting, nutritious, quick to... prepare food

Pasta was the perfect food. I started making pasta at home 10 years ago, my family loved it and so did I. I used only the freshest “true” free-range eggs and the best flour I could get my hands on.

I started making big batches and freezing it so I had a quick dinner option when things were busy. Then one day my beloved (yet small) pasta machine decided it had had enough. Searching on the internet, I found a small 40-year-old commercial machine for sale. I wanted it.

I got it home and started churning out more pasta than I would ever need. I gave lots away, everyone loved it. They said “you should sell this stuff, it’s great!” I said “No way, I don’t have time for that.” Famous last words....Here we are 10 years on, having relocated from my back shed to a factory, supplying pasta for you and your family to enjoy and I love it!

Purchasing our pasta means I can continue to indulge my passion for creating great-tasting, nutritious, quick to prepare food for you to enjoy.

To make 100% slave free the norm in chocolate. Things aren't shared fairly in the chocolate supply chain. The chain starts with the millions of farmers that produce cocoa and ends...with the billions of consumers that enjoy chocolate. But what about the bit in between? This section is dominated by a group of chocolate giants that profit from keeping the cocoa purchasing price as low as possible. For the farmers, this creates a poverty trap that leads to illegal child labor and modern slavery.

What?! Modern slavery?

Right now there is modern slavery and illegal child labor on cocoa farms in West Africa. Tony’s Chocolonely exists to change that. Illegal child labour and modern slavery are illegal and they have to stop.

Tony’s roadmap to 100% slave free chocolate

Our mission? Together we make 100% slave free the norm in chocolate. How we are going to achieve that? It won't be easy. And it's pretty complex. But we will accomplish it with the help of Tony's roadmap. Our roadmap has 3 pillars and points the way to 100% slave free chocolate.

Tony’s 5 ingredients for slave free cocoa

With our incredibly tasty chocolate, we lead by example. We show the world that chocolate can be made differently. By following Tony's recipe for slave free cocoa, it's possible to make slave free chocolate and still be commercially successful.

The origin of Jen’s Cookies was driven by the passion of Jenny Freeman. Starting out of a kitchen in 1991, it was their objective to share their much-loved family recipes with the wider... community.

The business started selling their cookies at local markets, and it was here they realised the need for quality homemade cookies in the market place. The business has grown from these humble beginning to become one of Australia’s finest cookie companies Jen's Handmade Cookies is a 100% Australian-owned company.

Maya Kaimal transforms the vibrancy of traditional Indian flavors into modern culinary experiences. Inspired by heirloom family recipes, every meal, sauce and rice... is thoughtfully crafted for flavorful gatherings around any table. Maya personally oversees the creation and curation of her collection, using only the highest quality ingredients to perfectly shape each and every one of our offerings. Maya Kaimal is an award-winning cookbook author and founder of Maya Kaimal Foods. Raised in Boston by a South Indian father and a mother from New England, she grew up in a multi-cultural home filled with delicious and diverse foods. Her father’s Indian cooking combined with trips to visit family in India piqued her interest in that cuisine from a young age.

J.C.’s Quality Foods was launched in 1994 by Managing Director and Founder, Joseph Cannatelli. Born into a family with a long history of fruit merchants, Joseph has a natural affinity for the fruit... nut and produce business. With his youth spent working in produce wholesale markets, and later running his own fruit shop, Joseph understands the fresh food industry and to this day is passionate about supporting independent retailers.

Since its very early days, J.C.’s soon became known for the freshness and unrivaled quality of its products. Packets of freshly roasted cashews, naturally crisp almonds and health mixes soon built a loyal following of retailers and customers.

As the company grew, a move into improved warehouse and distribution facilities have helped J.C.’s supply customers the highest standard of service with even more efficiency. In 2005, J.C.’s products became available overseas – a proud moment in the company’s history.

Today, J.C.’s Quality Foods is still 100% family owned and operated, employing over 100 Australians across all states of the country. Joseph continues to lead his team of dedicated staff, partnering with Australian and international farmers and producers to supply products he is still proud to put his name to.

Mixing Cooks premium Milk Chocolate with portion-controlled snacking and taking it to a whole new level. Irresistible pieces of super-thin premium milk chocolate mixed with your favourite... inclusions together is an experience you must try! Danny’s Toffee thins are a new take on Cooks famous Brittle. Same fantastic recipe and flavour but squashed right down into very thin pieces that won’t hurt your teeth. Danny’s Toffee Thins remould and re-invent traditional brittle by taking it out of the past and bringing it towards today. Using fresh Australian peanuts, pure milk chocolate and buttery toffee – what is not to like?

The original Brown’s Confectionery Manufactory was established in Dunolly, north of Ballarat, in 1857. The business moved to Ballarat in the late 19th century. In 1974, its traditional ... equipment was transferred to Sovereign Hill.

Today, you can watch Sovereign Hill’s famous boiled lollies being made right before your eyes. These sweet and sour delights have become an icon of the lolly world. Find out why. Hand-made to a traditional recipe at Brown's Confectionery Factory, Sovereign Hill.

South Canterbury farmer Raymond Bowan grew up around potatoes. As a young lad he earned his pocket money digging up spuds on the neighbouring property, returning home after a long day’s... work with mud on his boots, dirt under his nails and a satisfied grin on his face.

Years later, when the local chip factory closed its doors, Raymond seized the opportunity to fulfil a lifelong dream, and Heartland Chips was born. To this day the potatoes we use are grown on the Bowan family farm at Fallgate, just outside of Timaru, South Canterbury, New Zealand.

When they leave Fallgate the potatoes are transported 30km down the road to the Heartland Chip factory, where they’re sliced, cooked, packaged and distributed to outlets throughout New Zealand, Singapore and, now, Australia!

The Regimental Condiment Company is an Australian food company producing a range of gourmet food products emanating from the glory days of the Officers' Mess. Our range of condiments... includes chutneys and relishes, sauces, jams and jellies, mustards and horseradish, and cheese jellies. Nearly all our products are made in Australia to traditional family recipes, handed down through the generations. Where possible we use no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives in production.

Because we know Every Bite Matters, Proper elevates the usual mindless munch to an eating experience - a snack that satisfies taste buds, body and soul. Proper was founded on a longing... for a real potato crisp. And when we say real, we mean really real - like the traditional crisps people used to make before robots started messing with our food.

Cooked by hand and seasoned with care, that first crisp was not just better, it was transcendent. Memorable, shareable and addictively delicious. It awakened a fire within us, starting a movement for meaningful snacks that continues to this day.

Its why Proper snacks are cooked by people and hand selected for perfection, every potato, every crisp, every cracker.

Are we obsessed? We prefer devoted. For us, the result makes it all worthwhile. Real, scrumptious, and cooked by hand since always – snacks that are meaningful not mindless. Because every bite matters. So come, open a bag and experience the great Snack Awakening.

Zest Byron Bay flavours without rules for all to enjoy, in the hills of Byron Bay amongst music and laughter, the Zest Byron Bay team hand produce a beautiful range of spice pastes and recipe ... blends that are simple, easy to use and full of colourful aromatic flavours. Using only quality ingredients for optimum flavour, their vibrant earthy tones will turn any dish into a sensory feast with their rich yet subtle qualities suitable for all palettes and cooking styles to enjoy.

Together we create small batch production to ensure you get the best flavour every time. We use local fresh ingredients where available and work alongside local businesses, reputable distributors and retail outlets that specialise in quality products for their flavour loving customers.

Our entire range is gluten free, dairy free, vegan and has no added sugar.With love and flavour.

There are four core team members at My Berries headquarters: Directors Allison and Stuart, as well as our 'Chief Taste Testers', Luther and baby Gabriel. We met in London... worked hard, travelled and tasted some amazing foods from around the world. We are passionate about provenance, high quality ingredients that offer value for money. We hate waste and love our local farmers. In 2012 we returned home to Queensland to raise our family and start our berry business.

Stuart was previously an executive chef and set up various restaurants and production kitchens in his time. His family are second generation berry growers and he has always been challenged to find a home for every berry grown on the family farm.

Allison holds a Master of Science in regulation, so she does all the stringent checks and balances across everything we do. After seeing lots of berries being dumped over the fence to the cows next door just because of some OTT supermarket specifications, she started freezing these perfectly ripe, flavoursome berries.

We are very cautious about what our children eat and like most families we only want them eating safe, locally grown produce. This means we are fierce in aligning with growers who care as much as we do. Read more about our minimal intervention policies.On our days off, we love going to the beach and exploring our little corner of Queensland.

At Health Lab, we believe that snacking has the power to transform your mood (and day). Our vision for the brand is to create snacks that help YOU conquer adulting! Snacks that help you... thrive, not just survive. And in a modern world that demands so much, it’s nice to feel like we aren’t (always) pouring from an empty cup. Just consider us as your daily moment to escape the grind, and invest back in yourself. So whether you're celebrating or commiserating - we have your back! And whether you share us (or don’t), or gift us to someone lucky (or simply the most important person - yourself)- we’ve got you! We sincerely hope you enjoy our products, Love Health Lab x

Addictively delicious. Naturally nutritious. NOYA nut butters are here. Spread the word. Spread the nut.From North of the Yarra to South. From crust to crunch. From our heart to your spoon....

Made by Nut Royalty. Nothing but nuts. What makes it good (apart from us), All natural, Vegan, Gluten free, Dairy freeNo added sugar, salt, oil or additives

Here at Grounded Pleasures, we specialise in exquisite origin drinking chocolate, chai, vanilla, panela and marshmallows. We scour the earth for the very best ingredients grown in... special places by amazing growers. We minimally process and blend, bringing you the finest natural products available. Our cocoa is sourced from five origins - Ghana, Tanzania, Ecuador, Peru and the Brazilian Amazon. These are chosen because they are simply the most exquisite we have tasted. Our cocoas taste of more than just chocolate. Like fine wine or coffee, they have wonderful complex flavours of fruit, nuts, spices and caramel. Enjoy!

Grounded Pleasures is located in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.

Sarah and Emmet Condon started Remedy in 2012 on their kitchen bench with a tasty batch of home brewed kombucha. Meanwhile, the supermarket was full of drinks that were either straight-up... unhealthy, fake-healthy, or legit-healthy but not-so-tasty. They looked around and thought, “There’s a Remedy for that”!

They cracked a secret magic code: a drink that was tasty AND genuinely better for you. They knew that healthy didn’t have to be boring. Healthy could be tasty. Extraordinary, even. They believed we all deserve to know that too.

Fast forward a few years, and that dream has become a reality. The Remedy family has expanded to a growing range of better, tastier drinks, including Remedy Kombucha, Remedy Sodaly, Remedy KICK, Remedy Shots and Remedy Switchel ACV. All Remedy bevvies are 100% natural, contain no sugar and are chock-full of real goodness.

Our family has been milking cows for 130 years - that’s almost as long as the cows have been coming home! We are the third generation to run this farm in Lake Boga and after 30 years...

of milking cows and now raising a family of five young boys, we’ve decided it is time for a new adventure and we are so excited to introduce Bethune Lane Dairy, our very own dairy produce company.

Not only is this an exciting opportunity to share our passion for fresh, delicious Australian dairy with our local community, but it also opens many doors for our boys to continue the family tradition in dairy farming.

To maintain milk flavour we are strictly a closed herd farm. All of our cows are bred on our farm and as a result we have a unique crossbred herd- an assortment of Friesian, Jersey and Aussie Red-resulting in a gorgeous herd that produces lots of creamy milk! We do not breed or feed for production- our focus is quality, not quantity.

The result? Fresh milk that will leave you smiling like the cat that’s got the cream, in fact 30% extra cream! Standard cream for milk is 3.2% whereas our happy girls produce 4.5% cream that’s why our products taste so good.

For this reason, we rely only on our milk and the changing seasons to enhance the flavours of our products. We do not add any sugars, sweeteners, preservatives or thickeners. Our products are gluten free and vegetarian friendly.