Today’s News: 3rd July 2020

Today’s News: 3rd July 2020

Amongst 0 degree mornings with white frost we’re still at it at 6am each morning. In fact we pretty much have someone here 24hrs a day keeping the wheels spinning doing what it takes to deliver your fresh produce.

Throughout Covid19 the fruit and vegetable industry has been impacted by the demand on products which has kept price regularly fluctuating.

Winter typically means higher prices on produce transported from QLD & WA where growing conditions are much better for items like Tomatoes, Zucchini, Beans, Capsicums, Eggplant and Berries. This year the season hasn’t been too bad considering the unusual circumstances.

Locally we have Cauliflower & Cabbage coming off our farm here in Maiden Gully, harvesting an average of 2000 plants per week. The rain is keeping ground very wet and muddy in our corner of town!

Winter also means Citrus is in its prime. Navel Oranges, Blood Orange, Tangleo (a personal favourite), Mandarins & Lemons are all great value for money and tasting sweet and juicy.

Broccoli and Potatoes are also great value for money at the moment, an easy staple to feed the family with.

Late season Pumpkin is all coming to an end and we are now switching to new season stock coming in from northern states, this brings price up slightly and improves quality.

Hope you find this helpful when selecting produce for your menu or family meals.

Cheers, Pete