Today’s News: 9th September 2022

Today’s News: 9th September 2022

Are we there yet?

  Almost… off the back of our last update we’re here with good news in the fruit & veg industry. We all know the cost of living has increased but we’re starting to see the weather affected prices come back.

Its been one of the toughest seasons the fruit & veg industry has seen in decades, with sky high prices due to weather events, covid effects and shortages left right and centre. For us the sun peaking through the clouds is the light at the end of the tunnel we have all been waiting for. Not only does it lift our mood and warm our hands on a cold morning but we’re seeing a shift in prices as the spring/summer crops begin to flourish in the warmer weather.

Also in Bendigo Fresh news, hopefully you’ve heard that we are now delivering to our home delivery customers twice a week (Monday and Thursday). We have been planning this for a while now so are feeling very pleased to have this new service rolled out and hearing lots of great feedback on how much more convenient this is for you, our customers.


Everyone loves to know what’s in season.. Mangoes have begun, and we are just waiting for the price to come back slightly before we have these back online ready to order. In the next few months, we will see new season Victorian produce like berries, stone fruit, tomatoes and lettuce begin. We still have Afforuer mandarins available which are our favourite variety as they always deliver on the sweetness test. Make the most of these over the next few months before they disappear until next winter. 

Cheers, Pete