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$50 Fridge Filler (Fruit & Veg) Box

$50 Fridge Filler (Fruit & Veg) Box


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Introducing the $50 Fridge Filler - your ultimate solution for hassle-free home deliveries that keep your family well-fed and happy throughout the week!

Designed to cater to families of 2-4 people, our $50 Fridge Filler box is a game-changer in convenience and nutrition.

Say goodbye to grocery store runs and hello to fresh, QUALITY produce delivered right to your doorstep.

Each week, our curated box is updated with a variety of essentials and seasonal produce ensuring a balanced mix of fruits, vegetables, and salads.

Check our website and social media for the weekly updated list!

Swaps: You are able to make minimal "swaps” if required. These can be written in the notes on checkout. ie "swap oranges or apples" this will made to equal value where possible. 

Adding Extras: You can add extra items simply by adding to your cart. If one of our set boxes doesn't suit your needs then you can pick your own with exactly what you require.

Note: Our set boxes will have our 'imperfect picks' in them - ie, smaller apples or larger zucchini - this ensures value for the family.



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