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Almond Butter 250g

Almond Nut Butter 250g


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Keep our bodies healthy, and minds happy with just a daily spoon of our Almond nut butter. Firstly, all of our products don’t contain any additives, no oils, no sugar, no salt, no peanuts, or sesame, we are nothing but natural nuts. Using only premium hand-picked Australian-grown almonds, lightly dry-roasted to perfection then crushed and blended, creating a naturally sweet, seriously creamy staple for your pantry. This soft, silky Almond Noya nut butter spread is perfect in every meal and on the end of every spoon. Spread it far and wide. this tasty butter will show you some seriously smooth moves. Your daily dose of vitamin E, for beautiful hair, nails, and skin, and a powerfully healthier body.

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