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Kind Coffee - Ethiopia, Hadeso

Kind Coffee - Ethiopia, Hadeso

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  • What we taste: Blueberry, Foral, Orange, Anise

  • Origin: Shakisso, Guji, Ethiopia

  • Process: Natural, Organic

  • Variety: Kurume & Wolisho

  • Elevation: 1,800-2,050 masl


Origin: Hadeso, a Testi-owned station in Guji, Ethiopia, sits at 1,850m. Its coffee, cultivated on tiny organic plots, delivers a sweet, complex profile, reflecting its high elevation and careful processing.

Processing: Hadeso's natural processing involves meticulous hand-picking and sorting of cherries to select only the ripest. The coffee is spread thinly for initial drying, turned regularly to ensure uniformity, and carefully layered as it reaches the "raisin stage" to stabilize and enhance its cup profile. Constant turning during drying, controlled exposure to sunlight, and protective covering prevent damage. After 15–18 days, the coffee, graded and dried to perfection, is hulled, rested in parchment, and readied for export, maintaining its Grade 1 quality.

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