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L'Artisan Organic Halloumi 200g

L'Artisan Organic Halloumi 200g


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The deep golden colour of Haloumi is due to the rich organic milk that it is made from.
Matthieu Megard is a 3rd generation French cheesemaker who established L’Artisan Cheese – Organic in 2010. Originally from the French Alps, Matthieu values the importance of ‘terroir’ in the cheese making process to reflect the local environment and personally selects the finest organic milk from family owned dairies in the South West of Victoria.

The milk brings a lovely buttery flavour with subtle, milky, savoury notes. Haloumi has a high melting point and so remains firm when grilled, developing a thin brown crust on the outside. A traditional squeak awaits when you bite through this crispy crust. Delicious when served with a simple squeeze of lemon.

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