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Malaysian Peanut Satay - Street Kitchen

Malaysian Peanut Satay - Street Kitchen


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In homes, on the street, in restaurants – everywhere and often, people are preparing and eating satay; it is Malaysia’s national dish! Everyone has a recipe, from generation to generation and in celebration of the diverse ethnic and cultural mix of the country. Perhaps this is why you will never weary of eating satay, variations abound. Seriously, eating could be the national pastime of Malaysia – everywhere and often! Simply said, satay is too scrumptious, with its smooth blend of spices and crunch of peanuts. You find yourself looking for more.

Now our culinary team are experts in preparing, and delight in eating, so were thrilled when asked to create a Peanut Satay Sauce that will have you calling for more. We only ask that you eat with joy!

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