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Milk - Chocolate 'Bethune Lane Dairy'

Milk - Chocolate 'Bethune Lane Dairy'

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Our family has been milking cows for over 130 years and over those years we have perfected our farming practices to develop a signature milk flavour that tastes fresh, rich and creamy-exactly as milk should be.

Around the same time as our family started milking cows all those years ago, across the seas in Belgium, the Callebaut family started working on and perfecting a chocolate recipe.

Fast forward to 2020, when on one quiet morning of experimenting in the M.E.C, we melted down some of the Callebaut chocolate and drizzled some of the velvety liquid into a glass of milk, fresh from our morning milking. The taste had us dancing a jig!

A new family recipe for generations to enjoy!

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