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Mustang Dijon Mustard 270g

TRCC Mustang Dijon Mustard 270g


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Sleek in appearance, the North American Mustang's performance outshone the majority of its contemporaries. It had far greater versatility than the Spitfire: it served as a long-range fighter, as a fighter-bomber, a dive-bomber, flew close support and photo reconnaissance. It was the real all- rounder and helped ensure Allied air superiority from early 1944. You've got to pay credit where credit is due and so we doff our flying cap to the French for this one. Beautiful mustard taste with a bit of kick is what we wanted... and it's what we got. Sublime on a sausage, magnificent in mayonnaise. Delicious served with roast beef and all types of sausages. It is an excellent choice for those that enjoy mustard, but don't want it to be too spicy.

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