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Dip - Hommus 'Castlemaine Kitchen'

Dip - Hommus 'Castlemaine Kitchen'

/Tub (200g)

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Meet the love of your life: Castlemaine Kitchen Hommus.

Nothing but authenticity here folks. 122 kabuli chickpeas, a splash of pure water, a drizzle of canola oil, drizzle of olive oil, generous dollop of tahini, splash of vinegar, half a garlic clove, squeeze of lemon juice & a sprinkle of salt. Say no to chemically doctored hommus forevermore. Yes this truly is the destined love of your life.

This Hommus is an amazing combination of earthy deep flavours paired with a perfect citrus twang, and we don’t over pulverize it to a characterless airy pulp either. So darn good.

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